First run since April

Yesterday was my first run since my bout of Sciatica. I had originally intended to compete in the Skene Triathlon, but my bout of illness last week put an end to that plan.

I’ve been avoiding running since my sciatica started as I thought that the jarring effect from the running would only make it worse, and concentrated on cycling and swimming, neither of which seems to aggravate the sciatica. Over the last month-or-so, there’s been very little pain from the sciatica so I decided to try a short run of 30 minutes or so. As it was my first run in weeks, it was pretty slow (around 4 km in 30 minutes). There were no ill effects yesterday, and there’s only a very slight pain from the sciatica this morning, and a few other little pains only to be expected after this long a lay-off from running. I’ll try a few more short runs (30 minutes) over the coming weeks until the pain’s complete gone before ramping up the distance.

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