K-Edge Chain Catcher with SRM Magnet

When I got my Felt Z3, one of the problems I had was installing my SRMs. The SRMs need a magnet to determine the rotation of the cranks for calculating power (and for getting cadence data). Usually, this is mounted on the cable guide screw below the bottom bracket. However, since the Z3 has internal … Read more


On the way over to the recent KoM 100 km sportive, I got to thinking about buying a decent cycling top to wear in events like this – maybe something from Rapha, Assos or Etxeondo. However, after putting my race number on with safety pins, I dropped the idea – the thought of poking holes … Read more

Thoughts on Di2

I’ve been using Ultegra Di2 on my new Felt Z3 for the past 6 weeks-or-so. In my cycling career, I’ve gone from downtube friction shifters, through indexed shifters, on to STI combined brake/gear shifters and finally to Di2. Here’s my initial thoughts: Good Slick shifting – easily as slick as a newly setup mechanical system … Read more

Guru Bike Fit

During our recent trip to Club la Santa for the JBST Training Camp, I had a Guru bike fit done by Ben Price. I’ve never really had a bike fit done before, only a cursory saddle and handle bar adjustment when I got my first ‘proper’ racing bike in the Netherlands back in 1989. Since … Read more

Bike Winter Rebuild

My bike is a fairly old Giant TCR1, which I bought back in 1998. At the time, the design was fairly revolutionary, being the first ‘compact’ bike frame, designed by Mike Burrows, who also designed Chris Boardman’s 1992 Olympic Gold Medal winning Lotus Type 108 ‘Superbike’. Over the years, I’ve upgraded quite a lot of the components on the … Read more


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