Project ANT – Live ANT+ Data on Your Mac

Project ANT is our new product from Yellow Field Technologies. It’s an application to enhance your turbo training or treadmill sessions. For use with any ANT+ Sport compatible power meter, heart rate monitor belt, speed or cadence sensor, it displays your data on your desktop or laptop Mac with a graph or video.


The data displayed in each field can be selected from a number of options, including average power and Phil Skiba’s xPower, RI and BikeScore™ metrics.


Project ANT uses Garmin’s ANT+ USB stick to communicate with the ANT sensors.

The application is currently in the late stages of development, and the latest Beta can be downloaded from http://www.yellowfield.co.uk/projectant/. You can also join our mailing list at this page.

There are still a few features to be added to the application before final launch, including data export to tcx, csv and pwx formats, and session analysis.

Video image above, © Sufferfest.

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  1. I realize this post is almost 5 years old, but is there any chance you made progress on this application? I am looking for something to show my speed, cadence, etc. while riding the trainer and don’t need all the extras that come with some of the other products that are available.

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