Damn Baggage Handlers…

Unfortunately, the bike didn’t fare so well on the return trip from Lanzarote. When i was putting the bikebox in the car at Glasgow Ariport, I noticed at the end of one of the skewers, where its end was outside the box lid was bent. Since this area is recessed, I have no idea how the baggage handlers managed to do this – maybe that have some special training in luggage damage?

Once I got the bike home and unpacked, it was apparent that the skewer was bent at 45 degrees where is exited the wheel hub. More worryingly, the lever end of the skewer had rubbed against the frame causing a scratch on the downtube – at least, I THINK it’s only a scratch and not a crack.

I don’t think there’s much I could have done to prevent the damage to the bike, other than using pipe lagging around the frame tubes to protect it a bit more (which I’ll do next time). One thing I may try next time I fly with my bike is to use a threaded rod instead of a skewer to hold the wheels in place, eliminating any chance the lever end damaging the frame again.

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