Ass Saver Win Wing Mud Guard Review

Traditionally, I haven’t been a mudguard enthusiast. They’ve often caused friction issues, required meticulous adjustments, and inevitably resumed rubbing. However, I’m also not fond of ending up with a damp backside, especially considering my lunchtime route tends to be quite wet (as illustrated below). So, I decided to give mudguards another shot.

My choice was the Ass Saver Win Wing. Although I initially aimed for the newly-released V2, it was scarce in the UK. Locating the original version proved challenging, but I eventually found one at Bike Boom in Brighton. A few days later, our local Evri delivery lady dropped it off.

Attaching it to my Planet-x Tempest was a straightforward process. There’s a U-shaped section that fits over the back wheel, secured in place on the rear stays with a couple of straps. The actual mudguard blade clips onto the top of this section, featuring adjustable angles of -10, 0 & +10 degrees.

The V1 model doesn’t provide extensive tire clearance for gravel bikes. My Tempest, equipped with a Schwalbe 38mm Allround rear tire, has only a few millimeters of clearance on each side. I understand that the V2 model offers designs for both gravel and road bikes with increased clearance in the gravel version.

In practical terms, how effective is it? In short, it’s fantastic. No more dealing with a wet backside or having my Varia and saddlebag covered in mud splatter. So far, it hasn’t rubbed or required adjustments, and there’s ample clearance to prevent debris from getting trapped between the wheel and the mudguard – addressing one of my concerns with traditional mudguards.

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