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Old Home Farm, Fyvie Estate

These are a few images I took around the old home farm and joiner’s workshop on Fyvie Estate.

Behind the red door, with its wrought iron gate, is the old joiner’s shop. I’m not sure when it fell into disuse, but it was certainly operational during my time on Fyvie Estate. In fact, the head joiner and one of his colleagues helped my dad build the house I’m currently living in

The other buildings form part of what was the original home farm on Fyvie Estate, along with a grain dryer. The home farm moved to the north of the estate, probably post-WW2. The grain dry appears to be no longer operational.

The National Trust for Scotland, who own Fyvie Castle, have plans to renovate the area and have recently applied for planning permission to build a new access gate from the castle’s walled garden.

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  1. Hi, I believe my father lived at this property in the mid 1940’s. I don’t suppose you have any information on the Buchan family that lived here at that time?

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