Storm Arwen

The recent storm Arwen took its toll on the fabric of the countryside surrounding us. We came out of it fairly lightly, losing only an old shed and power for 72 hours. We faired a lot better than many others in our area, some of whom were without power for eight days. A property near us had trees down, wrecking its roof, so we count ourselves lucky, both on the lack of damage and getting our power back reasonable promptly.

The Parkburn Belt, which is one of the areas I regularly bike through, has really suffered. Many of the mature beech and fir trees have been uprooted, blocking the path I used to cycle along. I’m not sure when, or even if, this will get cleared. Fyvie estate and the grounds of Fyvie Castle, both regular cycling routes for me, are both closed due to storm damage. It’ll be interesting to see the damage that the storm has wrecked once these are open again.

Here are a few pics that I took of the damage to the Parkburn Belt. I’ll add some more from Fyvie Estate and the Castle once they reopen.

Edit 24/12: Fyvie Castle grounds reopened yesterday, so I popped down at lunchtime and took a few pictures of the trees down around the castle. There’s more down around the lake – I’ll hopefully get a chance to have a look there during the holidays. I’ve also added a couple more pictures from the Parkburn Belt.

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