DJI Mavic Air 2 Drone Essential Accessories

In the few months since I’ve had my Mavic Air 2, there’s been a number of accessories that I’ve bought. Here’s a summary of the ones I’ve found to be most essential.

Fly More Pack

DJI Mavic Air 2 Fly More Pack

The Fly More pack has two extra batteries, a charger adaptor to charge all three at once, and a handy bay to keep everything in.  It just makes sense to buy this over the normal package, which only had one battery and no case for storage – you’ll just end up buy at least extra batteries.

Propeller Holders

When the Mavic Air is folded up, it’s quite compact, but the propellers are still free to rotate and flop about, meaning that you need to be careful when packing the drone or they can catch on things, particularly when using the case that comes with the Fly More pack.

There’s a couple of different designs of straps to hold the blades in place to prevent this.

The first one I tried was the Hensych Silicone 7238F Propeller Holder. It was a good design, but badly let down by the poor design of the clasp which made the strap difficult to fasten.

My second choice, and the one I’ve stuck with, is the PGYTech one. PGYTech makes a number of pretty good accessories for drones and cameras. This is a much better design and does a good job of holding the props in place. It’s a little tricky to fit at first but becomes second nature after a couple of goes.

Landing Mat

If you’re flying off grass of any length or any sort of loose surface, then a landing mat is essential. It’ll stop the propellers from getting clogged up with grass, and stop dust and gravel from getting into the motors. This is especially true on the Mavic Air, as the rear propellers and motors are quite low.

There are several different models on the market – the one I have folds up like a photographic reflector with a spring around the edge of it. It’s folded up by twisting it, which takes a bit of practice. There are other models that simply fold up flat.

Spare Control Sticks

The control sticks on the DJI Controller are easy to drop when you’re screwing them into their holders. In long grass or rocks, it’d be easy to lose one, bringing your flight to an end before it’s even started! I bought a spare set to keep in my flight bag just in case. So far, I haven’t needed them so maybe I’m being a bit over-cautious!

Notebook & Pen

I find a basic pen and notebook essential for taking notes about the settings, conditions, etc., used when flying and filming. These details get forgotten and leave you scratching your head as to what you actually did on a particular flight. I use an A5-sized Moleskine notebook and a half-length pen, both of which fit perfectly in the DJI case.

Plus one thing I don’t have but want

There’s one thing I want that I don’t actually have yet – an Anemometer. I want to know what the local wind speed is where I’m actually flying, not what it is at the nearest weather station that my phone app reports, which may be many miles away.

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