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Show Fit File WordPress Plugin for Garmin Fit Files Updated

I’ve recently updated my WordPress plugin for displaying Garmin .fit files. The latest version now displays .fit, .gpx and .tcx files and also shows a profile graph under the map, along with ascent and descent figures.

If you’re already using the plugin, it should update automatically from the WordPress Plugin directory. To install, either visit the WordPress Plugin directory, (https://en-gb.wordpress.org/plugins/show-fit-file/), or search for ‘showfitfile’ in the ‘Add New’ in the plugins area of your WordPress install.

I’ve also moved the plugin to a dedicated page on this blog – have a look here for more details: https://stuarttevendale.com/wordpress-plugin-for-garmin-fit-files/

If you’ve got any feedback or suggestions for future versions of the plugin, drop me an email – stuart@stuarttevendale.com.

Brewdog Sportive

14/07/2018, 09:30
836 m 815 m
104.92 km

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